9 signs that scammers are trying to trick you

9 signs that scammers are trying to trick you
13 October, 2019
2 minutes

Professional scammers are good psychologists and speakers. It may look very simple and easily to fight with their tricks, but scammers can easily fog your mind. We have collected nine signs that will give them no chances.

Unknown cellphone numbers

Unknown or hidden numbers are looking so weird. Scammers do not have an opportunities to buy toll-number in most cases. Try to google that number. People reviews may defend you.

Hurry and do not give time for reflection

Main principle is reducing your time for thinking. Serious companies are always giving time for take the decision and will call you later. Scammers often say like “Offer will be over soon”.

Playing with your emotions.

They want you to be scared. These scripts like “your relative had an accident”, or “you may lose your money from bank account”. The best way - immediately call to bank or person you care about.

Asking for pins or passcodes

Remember, banks employee will never ask you for the secret data.

High Profit Without investment

Courses “how to earn 1 million dollars for a month” or “a casino schema”. This is all fiction

Sudden lottery win

The popular case: suddenly you won a lottery where never taking a part and they ask you for pre-pay.

They cannot answer simple questions

The real operator of a company knows everything about the company and ready to answer your questions. If the operator cannot answer a simple question about the company or takes the conversation the other way, a scammer calls you

Leading your to break the law

A person who suggests hacking mail or issuing fake documents is a criminal, even if he says that "everything is honest and legal." Most likely, you will also have problems.

They want to fine you

Scammers can blame you for anything: watching an adult video, late credit, and all the deadly sins. Only now, the authorities will never demand money directly, but will send a receipt of the fine by mail